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Shereen de Rousseau

Shereen de Rousseau was born in Canada, but spent many of her impressionable years growing up in Brazil. Living in one of the world's most vibrant cultures, she was exposed to its beautiful art, architecture and design on daily basis. Brazil is still with her today and provides a wealth of inspiration and reference along with her extensive travels around the globe.

Her love of fashion led to a 20 year career working for various high-profile brands and the eventual launch of her own in 2007. Shereen de Rousseau - the brand is still young, but in its short life has gained acclaim from the fashion media and a loyal following from stylish people throughout North America.

Shereen's design philosophy is modern with an eclectic nod to the past that continually feels fresh and unexpected. Mixing iconic images and symbols, she reinterprets them with her own refined sensibilities and techniques to create pieces with a distinctly timeless feel. Shereen de Rousseau is for anyone that appreciates classic style, but seeks to express their creativity and individuality through the jewellery they wear.



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